User Charter

This section highlights some information related to GOV.SA Platform such as Vision, Mission, Strategic Goals, Objectives, General Standards, e-Service Standards, Comment Standards and e-Participation.


The Unified National Platform GOV.SA is the one-stop-shop window for users to receive the latest information data and knowledge about Saudi Arabia and is the primary resource by which users utilise eServices, gain access to information and browse the directories of government institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


GOV.SA Platform provides all latest information about KSA, all eGovernment services and information on government institutions under one umbrella by adopting the whole of government approach in eGovernment standards.

Strategic Objectives

  • GOV.SA Platform will make the landing page window for all the latest information about Saudi Arabia for all users.
  • GOV.SA Platform will become the primary channel for making use of Government eServices in the Kingdom.
  • GOV.SA Platform will seek out and use the most advanced technologies and adopt the most successful solutions for its users.
  • GOV.SA Platform will keep pace with the strategic vision behind the eGovernment transformation in Saudi Arabia, as well as the Saudi Vision 2030.
  • GOV.SA Platform will serve as the sole, unified and reliable source for all information related to the eGovernment transformation.
  • GOV.SA Platform will serve as the link between government institutions and eService beneficiaries, such as citizens, residents, government agencies, businesses, and visitors.


  • To provide users access to all eServices offered by government institutions, 24/7, from anywhere without neglecting privacy or security.
  • To present the Platform’s content through a wide range of media, which covers all developments in the eGovernment transformation.
  • To align with all government institutions to add all developments related to eServices and keep them up to date.


Includes citizens, residents, government agencies, businesses, and visitors of KSA.

Additionally, anyone from any part of the world who is searching for information about KSA, its government institutions and the eServices offered.

General Standards

The Platform has detailed processes to ensure the provision of the correct, accurate information, to enable the most efficient use of eServices through a single, unified Platform. The Platform will also allow users to become acquainted with any developments in the eGovernment transformation of Saudi Arabia.

The Platform diligently seeks to provide information on eServices around the clock 24/7 basis.

The Platform relies on global security standards, adopted worldwide to protect user data

The Platform is compatible with all the latest browsers, including Internet Explorer and Firefox, amongst others.

By encouraging feedback, the Platform seeks to interact with users through an email address connected to its support team.

eServices Standards

eServices on GOV.SA Platform defined as: "an interactive, operational or integrated service provided by a government institution to beneficiaries, whether they are citizens, residents, government agencies, businesses, and visitors of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This eService is offered by a service provider (a Government institution), with the GOV.SA Platform providing a direct link to it.

  • Service response time for the Home Page and all other pages should not exceed a maximum of 6 seconds.
  • The average response time for GOV.SA Platform main page is between 4-6 seconds
  • Availability is: 99.999%
  • Downtime per year: 3.65 days
  • Downtime per month: 7.20 hours

Standards for Comments and eParticipation

All comments in eParticipation channels or on social networks are thoroughly reviewed to make sure that users have observed the standards and regulations relating to comments. The Platform Administration has the power to exclude any comments deemed inappropriate and users are encouraged to:

  • Observe general ethics and avoid any inappropriate phrases or use of impolite words.
  • Keep comments relevant, focused on the issue under discussion.
  • Avoid personal criticism that does not enrich the discussion.
  • Avoid fanaticism.
  • Be completely certain of their accuracy when referring to Qura'anic texts or religious views and to permit only specialists to discuss such topics.
  • Refrain from posting any personal information, such as contact details, within comments.

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