Update the Content of GOV.SA

The Unified National Platform GOV.SA provides this channel to communicate and update the data of government agencies and services published on it.

Based on the vision of the Unified National Platform GOV.SA to be the one-stop-shop window for users to receive the latest information data and knowledge about Saudi Arabia and is the primary resource by which users utilise eServices, gain access to information and browse the directories of government institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and in an effort to improve the user experience; The National Platform is keen on correcting and constantly updating the content published on it, related to government agencies’ data, services, plans, initiatives, projects and achievements, and other content of the platform.

A specialized team is responsible for providing, writing, publishing, updating, maintaining and developing the content of the National Platform in all its sections. The National Platform team is also pleased to provide this secure channel for communication and to update its content, according to the applicable controls in updating the content of the National Platform.

To update the data of government agencies published on the Unified National Platform GOV.SA, their services data, or other platform content; choose the appropriate form from the following, and after filling it out, send it to the GOV.SA team by clicking here: