What is the National Profile?

The National Profile provides services and various information “i.e. personal, educational, employment, commercial, ..etc” to citizens and residents across multiple sectors in order to create unique experiences available for use anytime, anywhere.

How to Access the National Profile?

  1. Visit the Unified National Platform through the MY.GOV.SA website.
  2. Click on the login icon.
  3. Login through the National Single Sign-On or Absher
  4. You will be redirected to the National Profile page.
How to login to GOV.SA

For more details on the National Profile and the National Single Sign-On click here.

Current Services and Benefits

Personal Information

  • National ID/Iqama number details.
  • National address details.
  • Tenancy contract status.
  • Social Security Support Details.
  • Registered disabilities information for disabled individuals.

Detailed Citizen Information

  • Education and training information.
  • Employment status information.
  • Zakat certificate information.
  • Personal businesses and commercial register information.
  • Government’s loans information.
  • Professional license information such as lawyer’s license, membership of the Saudi Council of Engineers and health worker registration.

Personalized Notifications

  • National ID / Iqama expiration.
  • Traffic violations and total amounts due.
  • Eligibility for training in the Tamheer Program.
  • Eligibility for housing support from (Sakani).
  • Commercial register licenses, lawyer licenses and Zakat certificates expiration.
  • Amount of government loans due.

Upcoming Services and Features

Digital Signature

Enabling citizens and residents to sign their government documents digitally through E-signature service.