Service Channels

Here we learn about the efforts of government agencies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to diversify digital, electronic and other channels, through which they ensure the provision of their services in an efficient, fast and reliable manner to all customers, beneficiaries and users, in a manner that ensures the continuity of service provision at all times, and provides the beneficiary with a comfortable, customized, smart experience and abreast of the latest technologies.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is focusing on transforming its services to be provided entirely online. However, to ensure that the government services are available for everyone, the Government also provide its services through alternative service channels.

National Portals

The KSA Government services are available on the following portals:

Main government agencies portals:

Mobile Applications

Many government agencies have launched mobile applications to deliver their services through smartphones and other smart devices. All these applications are available on the List of Government Applications page.

AI Chatbot

KSA is adopting new and emergent technologies in delivering government services to the public, one example of this is using AI Chatbots technology in government websites, service portals and call centers. Read more

SMS services & Alerts

One of the most efficient and powerful service delivery channels being used in KSA is SMS alerts, users of government services receive SMS notifications and alerts on specific services they have subscribed for, some examples on SMS alerts are:

  • Education Sector
  • Health Sector
  • Employment and Social Protection
  • Justice Sector:
  • Environment And Agriculture


The national portal and other government agencies portals provide subscription features to keep people informed of the latest news, events, services, regulations, laws and national initiatives related to government agencies, and to enable them to subscribe to weather and natural disaster warnings through emails and SMS messages. Read more

Live support for people with disabilities

As one of the main pillars of digital inclusion is not leaving anyone behind, the Saudi government portals provide the feature of sign language live call to help people with hearing difficulties get help on how to get use of online government services.

Physical centers

For those who still need personal assistance in using online services due to the lack of digital skills or their need to clarify some complex legal situations, individuals still have the option to get the services from the physical service centers of the government agencies:

Branches and Offices

Almost all agencies offer their services through their branches and offices (alternative service channels), usually open between 7.30 am and 2.30 pm from Sunday to Thursday. More information about location, opening hours and contact details of the government agencies offices are available on the following portals:


Most government agencies allocate a call center that works 24/7 to answer, redirect customers queries and access many other services through interactive voice response system or by sending a text message in a pre-defined format. Please check for the phone contacts of the Government agencies.

Portable Service Channels

The Ministry of Health, Justice Notary and the Civil Affairs have deployed portable service units that deliver services for people in distant villages and rural areas.


(Absher) Platform in the Ministry of Interior launched a number of electronic services for customers through Self-Service Kiosks across the Kingdom (airports, shopping malls, etc.) to enable new channels for easy registration of customers.

Free access to Internet

All online government services can be reached through the 60,000 free WiFi (public WiFi Hotspots) points throughout the Kingdom provided by the Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC). The coverage maps are available on the following portals:

Electronic payments

The Kingdom approved Electronic Payment Portals and Electronic Payment Applications to enable users to use payment channels to pay bills, order goods and use services online.

Banks and ATMs

Bank branches and their ATMs can be used to pay traffic fines, utility bills, and access many other services through the ATMs and cash depositing machines of most banks. Please check for the nearest active banks or ATMs in the Kingdom.

Post Offices

The Post offices in the Kingdom accept any kind of payments for the government beneficiaries.