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This page provides information for those who wish to visit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The information is about Visas, Transportation, Banking and Financial Services, Health Services, Best Times to Visit KSA, How to Prepare for Your Trip, Tourism, Nature and Wildlife, Entertainment and Events, Investment in Saudi Arabia.

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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the world's richest countries in history, religion, civilization and human heritage. It is a great destination for tourists who are seeking new adventures and experiences. The Kingdom always cares for its visitors and provides them with all the facilities they need.  

This page will help you to plan your visit and get the best out of it, whether you are a pilgrim, a tourist or visiting your family members.

Applying for visitor’s visa

You can find the different visa applications to fit the purpose of your visit on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Visa Services Platform


Saudi Arabia’s different regions are connected with a vast network of roads and highways that allow the visitors to move freely throughout the kingdom either by cars or buses. Visitors can also benefit from the local, regional and international airports. Moreover, there is a railway connecting Riyadh with the eastern region. For transportation through cities, a lot of taxis, buses and on demand car rental and booking are available.

Saudi currency

The currency of Saudi Arabia is Saudi Riyal and it is made up of 100 Halalas. For banknotes, there are five Riyals, ten Riyals, fifty Riyals, one hundred Riyals, and five hundred Riyals. For coins, there are five Halalas, ten Halalas, twenty-five Halalas, fifty Halalas, and one hundred Halalas (Riyal coin).

Financial and Banking Services

Lots of banks are spread over the kingdom, all operating under the supervision and control of the Saudi Cenral Bank. These banks have many authorized branches throughout the kingdom. There is also the Saudi Payment Network (MADA) that facilitates and assets payments. Credit cards like Visa and MasterCard are available for use throughout the country. In addition, you can find a large number of ATMs and centers for exchanging currency almost everywhere at airports and in major cities.


Weather and best time for visiting KSA

Throughout the year,  the weather varies between the Saudi regions. Each season is perfect to explore a part of the kingdom. Pick your destination and enjoy! 


All the kingdom visitors can have the full advantage of the services provided by communications companies in the kingdom. Everyone can find a plan that fits his needs and the companies will handle it with care.


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Official holidays

Friday is the official day off in the week. But the public and government organizations do not work on Saturday too. There are three other official holidays: Eid al-Fitr, Eid al-Adha and National Day.


Emergency number in Saudi Arabia is 911

How to prepare for your visit?

The tourist call center works 24/7 all the year round including official holidays to provide all the information and guidance to the kingdom’s visitors.

  • Local number: 19988
  • International: +966-11-2614750

You may also get information from the following page on Saudi tourism website.

Tourism around the kingdom

Each part in our country has its own unique features that attract visitors. All these features reflect a rich heritage and developed civilization. Choose your destination:

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Saudi Arabia Nature and Wildlife

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia has different natural features from its great desert with its dunes and valleys, to blue skies and shiny stars, to the mountains that are covered by beautiful plants, flowers, and springs, reaching to its beaches and islands distributed like pearl beads. The kingdom visitor will enjoy the national parks and recreation ground around the kingdom

More about Saudi Arabia's Nature

Medical services

An extensive network of hospitals and clinics, open 24 hours a day, operates across the Kingdom. 

Important Numbers

  • The Saudi Red Crescent 997
  • Ministry of Health Emergency 937
  • Ministry of Health (e - clinic) 8002494444
  • Ministry of Health emergency application

Entertainment and Events

Thanks to its diverse climate and topography, that includes deserts, mountain and maritime environments, Saudi Arabia offers a wide range of recreational activities and events. Add to this the numerous monuments and historical places where travelers have plenty of options from which to choose.

Visit the Events calendar on Tourism Commission website for more information on the most popular activities and events taking place around the country.

Building the largest Islamic museum

We have always taken – and will continue to take – great pride in our heritage. Mohammad, the Last of Prophets, Peace Be Upon Him, was from Makkah, the birthplace of Islam. Medina is where the first Islamic society was born. Accordingly, we will build an Islamic museum in accordance with the highest global standards, equipped with the latest methods in collection, preservation, presentation and documentation. It will be a major landmark for our citizens and visitors, where they will learn about the history of Islam, enjoy interactive experiences and participate in cultural events. Using modern technology, visitors of the museum will enjoy an immersive journey through the different ages of Islamic civilization, as well as its science, scholars and culture. It will also be an international hub for erudition and include a world-class library and research center.

Investment in the kingdom

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the greatest free market in the Middle East as it has 25% of the total Arabic gross national product. Moreover, the kingdom has the greatest oil reserve in the world (25%) and provides energy for investment projects with competitive prices compared to the other world's countries. Based on that, it is most preferred by projects that depend mainly on energy. In addition, it has many other pioneering natural resources in the field of mining. We also have to mention its great geographic location that allows it easily to enter the European, Asian, and African markets. In addition to that, its domestic market is continually widening.  

What you need to know before investing in Saudi Arabia?

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