Sign Language channel (Eshara)

The National Unified Portal for Government Services is keen on finding all appropriate communication solutions to communicate with people with hearing disabilities. These solutions include the channel of "Eshara," which represents a distinguished communication service aimed at supporting the government and private service sectors. This aims to achieve comprehensive services for deaf clients as well as facilitate their procedures by providing direct support to people with disabilities (deaf people) through a digital platform that supports visual communication between deaf customers and a call center for remote sign translation. A translator acts as a third party through the digital platform by converting the sign language into spoken Arabic and vice versa, so that the translator becomes a mediator between the employee and the deaf client.


The Vision

Leadership and innovation in empowering people with hearing disabilities.

The message

Providing a digital platform that creates integrated solutions to empower people with hearing disabilities, in addition to building effective partnerships locally and internationally in the field of deaf empowerment.



  • Remove communication barriers.
  • Raising the quality of the services provided.
  • Empowering the deaf and supporting their independence.
  • Maintain customer privacy.

Steps to make use of the service


  • Ensure that the service is available in the geographical area.
  • Make a video call.
  • The beneficiary evaluates the quality of the service.

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